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Introducing MST-Bar: 5 Reasons to Use MST-Bar for Concrete Reinforcement

If you’re in the rebar and steel business, you’ve probably heard of a product called MST-Bar—especially since it has become increasingly popular due to recent supply chain issues and price increases. MST-Bar is a high modulus GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) Rebar for concrete reinforcement projects that serves as an alternative to traditional steel rebar.

Benefits of MST-Bar

Made by pultrusion, MST-Bar is manufactured with durable and long-lasting Vinyl Ester Resin as well as 100% boron-free ECR Glass Fiber to ensure your concrete remains maintenance-free for centuries.

There are countless benefits to using MST-Bar from maintenance costs to durability. The benefits of this product include:

  1. Strength,
  2. Sustainability,
  3. Durability,
  4. Environmentally friendly, and

Because of its strength, MST-Bar is non-conductive and non-corrosive, making it the perfect protection for high voltage currents, magnetic fields, salt, humidity, and water. MST-Bar is also lighter and stronger than traditional steel, which makes it easy to transport and handle while still being the most durable option for your project.


At Barton Supply, we carry two types of MST-Bar: 3MAX and 4EQ Structural Bar. 3MAX is engineered for concrete flatwork, a perfect replacement for welded wire mesh and steel rebar with an added bonus of being chemical resistant.

3MAX is best used for the following applications:

  • Parking lots,
  • Curbs and gutters,
  • Driveways,
  • Patios,
  • Pool decks, and

When working with 3MAX, be sure to wear gloves to avoid direct contact with skin and fiberglass splinters and use a diamond blade to achieve the best results. Just like you would with traditional rebar, tie and chair your 3MAX.

4EQ Structural Bar

4EQ Structural Bar is a reinforcement product mainly used for vertical and structural applications of steel and is code-compliant—you can use this type of GFRP in 2018 and 2021 IBC and IRC concrete reinforced designs.

Some other benefits of 4EQ Structural Bar are:

  • It is cost-effective;
  • It is rust-proof;
  • It has superior crack control; and
  • It is chemical resistant and waterproof.

4EQ Structural Bar has 80% less crack initiation compared to traditional steel rebar—proof that this product truly exceeds strength and durability expectations for your concrete reinforcement project.

Although 4EQ can be used to replace steel rebar for most structural design concrete elements, it is not currently tested to support seismic elements in Seismic Design Category D & E, so make sure to do your research first.

Quality MST-Bar for Concrete Reinforcement from Barton Supply

With continuing supply chain issues and rising prices for materials, it is important for us to find new innovative products to offer our customers. At Barton Supply, we’re always striving to improve our team, products, and customer service—that’s why we are now a proud stocking distributor of MST’s GFRP products.

To learn more about the products we carry and how we can help with your project, give us a call today.